Selected in the final list of Shanghai University Student Innovation Projects.


Nov/2011 - Jun/2012

Team Member

Yafei Wu

Chang Lu

My Roles

Tech Lead

UX Designer



MyTV is the prototype of a socialized mobile television app.


To understand the market of mobile phone television services and to identify the gaps and potential opportunities, we conducted our user study and field research using methods including:

  • Literature Review
  • Interview
  • Survey
  • Competitive Analysis


With the results we collected from our research, we discovered potential opportunities in the mobile television service market and identified several problems:

  • One-way communication: most of the mobile TV apps still copied the pattern of traditional TV stations which was a one-way communication - customers can only receive information rather than input any.
  • The form of the mobile TV programs were basically the same as traditional ones, but displayed on a smaller screen with lower speed.
  • Little customer control of the program content.
  • No communications between audience which might make the customers feel more lonely

Design & Prototype

Based on the problems and opportunities derived from our analysis, we designed the prototype MyTV to illustrate our ideas and suggestions. Our final prototype included:

  • Real-time video editing and concatenating
  • Customized personal channel
  • Public and celebrity channel
  • Personal TV show, video discussing and commenting