Helmet Museum & Role-Reverse Museum


Oct. 2013

Team Member

Shuangshuang Li

Lowell Reade

My Roles

Field Researcher

UX / Visual Designer

This was a two-week project for the Interactive Design Fundamentals course. The goal was to design a solution to help single parents managing multiple kids in a museum. We conducted the research and brainstormed ideas in teams, then individually design two storyboards to illustrate our ideas.

Final storyboards

Helmet Museum

Helmet Museum

Role-Reverse Museum

Role-Reverse Museum

Design Process

To discover the problems of single parents managing multiple children in a museum, we first did our user study and field research in Carnegie Museum of Natural History where we:

  • Observed over 15 single parents with two or more kids
  • Interviewed 6 single parents and 2 children

Second we analysed our research material and wrote a user needs report which:

  • Summarised 3 detailed scenarios
  • Identified 6 problems

Next, we brainstormed together and came up with 100 initial ideas.

Finally, each of us chose 2 ideas and iterated on visualising them till the final storyboard.