Travel Impossible

Oct - Dec, 2013

My Roles


UX / Visual Designer

Team Member

Shuangshuang Li

Lena Malkhasian





This was the final project for the Interactive Design
Fundamentals course in Carnegie Mellon University.

The goal was to identify the opportunities of digital travel magazine
through user research and competitive analysis as a team,
then to design a prototype for the magazine individually.

The theme of my magazine was sci-fi travel.

Design Progress

Competitive Analysis

To understand the market and identify potential opportunities,
we completed our competitive analysis which had:

18 print / digital travel magazines
6 final competitors
9 competitive design dimensions
3 potential opportunities

Sci-fi travel was one of the three opportunities identified by us


After deciding on the theme, I created a moodboard to
set up the basic tone and style of my design.


Based on the previous research, I created 2 personas
to define and represent the target audience.

Design Language

After several iteration, I created my own design language for the final design.